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Assentra Consulting offers consulting services in the real estate industry with a focus on retail real estate. The business is focused on urban planning, concept development, marketing and positioning of shopping centers, town centers and retail parks.

Urban planning and commercial development

Where goods and people meet, trade occurs. These venues have been developed in different forms over time, such as external trade areas, town centers, and regional shopping centers. What they all have in common is that, properly planned and with the right conditions, they create large flows of people. Where people settle down, commercial opportunities arise for shops, restaurants, cafes, services, culture and entertainment, which in turn provides the conditions for attractive residential areas. Involve Assentra to get input on your development project from trade / restaurant / cafe / service perspective. Assentra Consulting provides consulting services in concept development, urban planning and commercial development of private and public environments.

Asset management

Retail real estate is not like other properties. They must be continually developed, nurtured and marketed to maintain its profitability and their property value. One of the most important key figure for a venue, as we all know, is the number of visitors. The footfall is affected by a number of factors where retail mix is one of the most important. Therefore having a well thought out leasing strategy is essential for keeping up the value of the property.

The shop mix must be kept up to date and be composed in accordance with the market situation, the competitors and the position on the market to be attractive to the target groups. Changes occur rapidly within the retail business and to keep updated is important in order to be able to assess the value of potential tenants and what they bring to the store mix in terms of traffic to the centre, age of customers, image, being a good neighbor, possibility of being an anchor store etc.

Proactivity contributes in maintaining low vacancy rates. If you need help to develop a leasing strategy, want a second opinion on your existing one or help with finding new tenants, get in contact with Assentra.

Interim solutions for center management functions

Assentra offers interim solutions for commercial management and center management for property owners and business associations / town centers. If you are looking for a temporary center manager or a marketing manager for your shopping center or city center, call us! Assentra offers expertise in center management and marketing management for shorter or longer assignments, 1-5 days / week.

Marketing and communication

Tenants in a shopping centre expect active management where marketing activities that generates footfall as well as branding activities are conducted regularly. Marketing and communications should play a prominent role in the administration. The shopping center / retail center needs to be permanently present in the consumer consciousness to influence them in their habits and behaviors. This is particularly important in a competitive market and especially in cases where location and / or retail mix is not entirely satisfactory.

Assentra offers a broad range of services in marketing, brand development, public relations and communication, and can also provide advice and negotiation support for the procurement of advertising services.

Production of marketing materials, B2B and B2C

Do you have difficulties keeping up with everything that needs to be done in the marketing department? Do you need support or extra help now and then? Assentra can, using our extended network of partners offer a broad menu of marketing-related services such as advertising production, web production, event and PR. Contact us for more information.

Counseling and negotiation support in procurement of marketing services

Are you alone in the marketing department? Do you want to get more out of your advertising agency? Would you like to become a more efficient and professional buyer of marketing services? Contact Assentra.

Brand Development and Positioning

A shopping mall or a retail place is a complex product that requires a well thought out marketing strategy to be distinct to the target audience. A highly competitive market requires a differentiation to distinguish itself. The target audience you intend to communicate with must also be large enough to deliver the sales and traffic which is expected. The product (read the shopping center / retail center) must also live up to the brand promise and the communication otherwise you risk end up with disappointed visitors.

Finding the right position for your shopping centre usually begins with a SWOT analysis. The next step is the development of a brand platform and a communication platform based of the outcome of the SWOT analysis.

Do you need help formulating a marketing strategy that is practical and useful for reaching your goals? Are you unsure of which position is the right one for your shopping mall or retail park? What is the difference between identity and image? Book a consultant for an initial free meeting.

Real Estate Consultant Christina Blomberg

Christina Blomberg has a solid experience in FMCG and retail trade and the hospitality industry. Christina has worked for Coop Sweden where she managed the restaurant and fast food business with units located in a wide range of shopping malls and retail centers across Sweden. Over the past six years she has worked for the property owner Steen & Strøm with concept development and marketing of both existing shopping centers and new construction projects.

Christina has completed a course in Advanced Center Management from Royal Institute of Technology and has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from the University of Gothenburg. Christina has also studied brand development at Bergh's School of Communication in Stockholm and at the Business School of Oslo in Norway.

Christina is often engaged as project manager and with her extended network of partners, agencies and suppliers she can put together appropriate and efficient project teams for a broad variety of assignments.

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